Seabea Ghoph 吳彬慧

Team Women Networking Group

Team Women Capitola is a group of quality business minded women looking to support each other in building and growing successful businesses in our community. We are a non-competitive networking group. First meeting free.  We currently meet in Seabright area.

Our Purpose:
  • Build a community of women who provide each other with knowledge, support and friendship as we aim for success on our own terms.
  • We share resources, leads and referrals.
  • Create alliances with complementary businesses.
  • And provide mentoring for one another when looking for guidance and ideas.
We meet 2 Tuesdays a month, 
Day:         1st and 3rd Tuesdays
Time:        9:00-10:00 am
Location:   1509 Seabright Ave, second floor, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

As a guest, we welcome you to attend for up to 3 visits, first meeting free, $5 per meeting afterwards.

we are a fun, positive & supportive group of women, please join us!

Katie Briggs L.Ac.- Resonation Acupuncture
Gain the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the pleasure and relaxation of sound & vibration therapy. In 2004 Katie integrated harmonic sound with her TCM training to create the modality of Resonation Acupuncture. Katie's goal is to support the wisdom of your body allowing you to heal and thrive. Experience not only the resolution of illness and pain but increased energy, vitality, preserved youth and longevity. 

Dr. Masi Bayless
(831) 219-8640
543 Frederick St, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
winner of Best Chiropractor of Santa Cruz Times

Debby DeMartini, CCT
Thermal Body Scan Santa Cruz
740 Front St., Suite #335
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 420-7390

Seabea Ghoph
Global Property Specialist, Realtor
fuent in Mandarin & Cantonese
5 stars reviews in Yelp & Zillow
831 854 7708

Kathy Stowell, LPT,CCH
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Integrative Hypnotherapy
"Whatever the mind can conceive the body will achieve."

Karen Mehringer, MA 
Author, Speaker, Grief Counselor
(831) 359-2441

Powerful Solutions for Healing Grief and Living Fully!

Aiko Fisher
Aiko Fisher is a Nutritional Consultant, a graduate of Bauman College; she does one on one counseling and classes to help people with their specific nutritional needs. Also a Birth Doula and Postpartum Doula, she specializes in Postpartum and Pregnancy nutrition, teaching classes and working one on one with new mothers and families to educate them on the needs of pregnant and postpartum women. She has also been trained in Essential Oils Therapy through the College of Botanical Healing Arts and Twin Lakes College in Santa Cruz. She has lived in Santa Cruz for almost 14 years, and received  her Doula training about 10 years ago from Twin Lakes College. She is also the mother of a nine year old boy.
(831) 334-9931

Lorie Schwartz 
Physical therapist 
101 Sunnyslope Ct, Santa Cruz, CA 95060